Preparing for 2022: Technical & Regulatory Star Ratings Update


Healthmine officially kicked off the 2022 Star Ratings Webinar Series with a detailed and timely presentation covering the wide array of technical changes coming to the Medicare Advantage (MA) Star Ratings program in measurement year (MY) 2022.

In part one of the series, EVP of Consulting and Professional Services Melissa Smith is joined by two of Healthmine’s Senior Consultants, Cynthia Pawley-Martin and Dwight Pattison, to share their takeaways and insights drawn from recent technical and regulatory updates to the Stars program.

This hour-long webinar session is full of tactical advice and industry knowledge to help you upgrade your Stars work plan and prepare your team for the future of Star Ratings. Main topics of the webinar include:

  • Where to find the most credible and accurate sources of information to stay updated on new and proposed technical changes
  • Key updates to Star Ratings for the next three years, plus a downloadable cheat sheet for daily use and strategic planning
  • The most influential changes impacting MY2022 and what they mean for plans moving forward
  • New measure retirements and additions, including how to make accurate data calculations throughout the year and determine which members should be prioritized to make the greatest impact on your quality goals
  • How the increase of CAHPS and Administrative measures to 4x weight will impact the Star Ratings “Math Path”
  • Overview of recent announcements highlighting CMS' drive to advance health equity in MA, ACA, and Medicaid
  • Review of significant changes introduced by CMS to rewards and incentives programs for MA plans, and how to ensure your program maintains compliance when they take effect

Melissa Smith concludes the session with a thorough Q&A to address the questions that are keeping Star teams up at night amidst the rapidly changing measure and program guidelines. Be sure to watch until the very end to hear some extra tips and tricks to improve your Star Ratings as we head into 2022.

Melissa is a well-known thought leader and healthcare strategist with proven success developing enterprise-wide solutions to improve Star Ratings, HEDIS scores, quality performance, health outcomes, and the member experience. As EVP of Healthmine’s advisory division, she helps clients evaluate market dynamics and opportunities, optimize distribution channels, and fulfill strategic planning needs.

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Cynthia Pawley-Martin has a wealth of expertise from her long-tenured career as a healthcare quality improvement professional. She has consulted with dozens of Medicare Advantage plans on their Star Ratings programs and comes with a solid record of success leading and supporting quality programs across healthcare delivery systems, including health plans and large physician practices.

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Dwight Pattison has over twenty years of healthcare industry experience focused on quality management, performance improvement, data analytics, and reporting. Fueled by a strong background in Medicare and Medicaid reporting and regulatory compliance, Dwight has directly led MCOs in achieving significant performance improvement results across numerous markets and product lines.

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