Digital Health Risk Assessment

Maximize Health Risk Assessment (HRA) compliance and uncover risks in your population, including social determinants of health, using Healthmine’s digitally administered HRA, certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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Capture Self-Reported Data with Sophisticated Tools

Surface our digital HRA directly to members through Personal Health Assistant, a member-facing application and web portal, to maximize compliance rates and improve member experiences. Self-reported data is captured in real-time to build comprehensive member records and display results within Opportunity Manager, enabling health plans to immediately initiate member outreach campaigns.

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Smart Rewards and Incentives

Incentivize HRAs with the right rewards to motivate members to share self-reported data at an accelerated rate.

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Stratify Populations

View risk summaries by level for each health category, including diet, exercise and tobacco use, and stratify populations to inform meaningful outreach.

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Real-Time Results

Present members with customized NCQA-certified health education based on health risks and interests identified by HRA results.

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Cost-Effective Outreach

Shift to unlimited digital outreach to significantly reduce phone and physical mail costs.

Transform HRA Administration

Explore HRA campaign tactics that uphold your Star Ratings, financial and operational goals. 

Is Your Solution Producing Results?

Digital HRAs offer a scalable, efficient and timely solution for you and your members.

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Health plans realize a

63% higher completion rate
when incentivizing HRA completion
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Health plans see a

113% increase in HRA completion
with Healthmine's platform
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Plans experience a

20% increase in condition identification
through self-reported data

Powerful Tools for Sustainable Improvement


Deploy digital health risk assessments designed specifically for your lines of business and populations, including adolescents, seniors and diverse communities. Pair digital communication with physical and phone outreach to connect with hard-to-reach members, identified in Opportunity Manager.  


Members can engage with NCQA-certified health education based on their health risks and interests, identified by HRA results and captured in Opportunity Manager. 

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