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We’re reinventing health activation and improvement, helping health plans and provider organizations across the nation drive quality performance through continuous, omnichannel member engagement and smart rewards.


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Healthmine is focused on empowering individuals to take the right actions to improve their health. We engage every member at scale with a personalized experience and tailored outreach at the right time to close gaps in care, enhance member satisfaction, and improve clinical and quality outcomes.

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Choose one configurable technology solution to engage, activate, and reward your members while monitoring activity and results in real time, all to make a powerful impact on plan performance and outcomes.


Boost Star Ratings

Evaluate and prioritize gap closure to achieve higher Star Ratings through predictive analytics, omnichannel engagement, and dynamic intervention planning.

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Close HEDIS & Care Gaps

Prioritize and close a high volume of care gaps to improve quality scores with minimal member and provider abrasion, maximum effectiveness, and a seamless member experience, all at a reasonable cost.


Impact CAHPS & HOS Scores

Keep a pulse on member satisfaction through digital surveys (modeled after CAHPS and HOS) and interactive dashboards with real-time results to take immediate action on member feedback.


Build & Enhance Rewards Programs

Design smart and efficient rewards methodology with tailored and regionally relevant incentives, end-to-end reward redemption and fulfillment, and detailed metrics tracking.


Improve Member Satisfaction

Collect and manage continuous, real-time member feedback through short surveys including mock CAHPS, Net Promoter Score, member satisfaction, health outcomes journey, and more.

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Deploy Digital HRAs

Maximize HRA compliance and uncover risk in your population through self-attestation via quick and efficient NCQA-certified digital HRAs.

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Increase Medication Adherence

Align medication programs with tailored rewards and automate timely and relevant omnichannel outreach for refill reminders, too many lag days, 90-day conversion, and other adherence activities.

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Connect Hard-to-Reach Members to Care

Leverage a variety of channels to improve contact rates for typically noncompliant, hard-to-reach populations and provide the tools, resources, and rewards needed to move members to action.

Our Secret Sauce is Your Secret Weapon

Healthmine's HITRUST CSF® Certified SaaS platform and technology suite analyzes all health and behavior data and provides insights, tools, and motivation for affecting change for members and health plans.

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Know Your Members

The story of who your members are as healthcare consumers—and as people—is written in data. Data that comes from a variety of sources in a variety of formats that are not always accessible by health plans… until now. Healthmine automatically ingests and normalizes clinical, non-clinical, and self-reported data into a comprehensive member record and aggregates plan performance data into a single interface to power your strategy.


Make Healthcare Personal

Every time someone shops, books a flight, or makes a dinner reservation online, the experience is personalized to them. Why should healthcare be any different? From the care gaps assigned, to the messaging received, to the rewards redeemed, there’s a reason our app is called Personal Health Assistant. Healthmine’s experience is personalized to all members, all the time, at scale.


Build a Meaningful Relationship

The phrase “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply to your wellness and rewards programs. Healthmine’s mass personalized omnichannel engagement converts unengaged members into enthusiastic program participants actively self-managing their health risks and conditions, while establishing you—through our white labeled solution—as their trusted heath partner.


Motivate Members to Action

Empowering members to take an active role in their health is tough, especially when they’re bombarded with confusing, oftentimes conflicting healthcare messages. Healthmine pairs personalized action plans and engagement with tailored and regionally relevant rewards to drive people towards the next best step to take to improve their health. Our automated, end-to-end rewards fulfillment process makes closing care gaps and increasing quality scores effortless for your team.


Measure, Analyze & Optimize

Too many engagement vendors will initiate campaigns and walk away—not Healthmine. We believe in results tracking and transparency to provide the clearest picture of value and insights. Our plan-facing tool provides interactive dashboards to continuously monitor health action completion and compliance, rewards fulfillment, survey responses and results, campaign performance, and more, all in real time.


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