Smart Rewards and Incentives

Healthmine’s rewards and incentives technology solution uses proprietary, clinical rule logic to assign, redeem and fulfill rewards. From a single platform, health plans can motivate members with the right rewards to encourage health actions that enable continuous improvement and better clinical outcomes.


Simple End-to-End Reward Fulfillment

Design your incentives program with smart and efficient rewards methodology, tailored and regionally relevant incentives, end-to-end reward redemption and fulfillment, and detailed metrics tracking.

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Purpose-Built Programs

Customized incentives and rewards to motivate and empower members to schedule appointments and self-manage their health risks and conditions.

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Robust Gift Card Selection

Members select digital or physical gift cards from regional and national chains, as well as merchandise and reward boxes, for autonomy on how to spend rewards.

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Real-Time Reporting

View reward redemption reporting and financial projections in real-time to manage budgets and monitor reward fulfillment at a member and population level.

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Data-Driven Insight

Real-time, bi-directional data to allow efficiencies in identifying, engaging and rewarding members with the right rewards at the right time.

Create Impactful Reward Programs

Align your rewards methodology with member needs to improve quality scores.

Is Your Solution Producing Results?

Optimize your rewards and incentives program based on data-driven insights to meet member needs and target quality measures to improve plan performance.

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Healthmine incentivized mock-CAHPS achieve

3X higher

completion rates compared to non-incentivized surveys

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Members engaged with Healthmine complete

4X more

health actions compared to unengaged members

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Gift cards are processed every

24 hours
so members are rewarded quickly and member satisfaction remains high. 

Powerful Tools for Sustainable Improvement


Pair rewards with the scalable and trackable outreach identified through Opportunity Manager. Deploy digital and physical communication based on the member's preferences. Monitor total rewards earned, redeemed and merchant selection.  


Members can select their preferred communication methods and cash in on rewards in our user-friendly application that is connected to the member's profile in Opportunity Manager. Members can select automated gift card fulfillment and digital gift cards for a seamless redemption process. 

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