Mid-Year Strategies for Medicare Star Ratings Success

When we sat back and asked ourselves ‘what are the best practices for this year’s summertime Stars strategy?’ The answer was undeniably, and unsurprisingly – CAHPS, CAHPS, CAHPS.” – Melissa Smith, EVP of Consulting and Professional Services.

In this webinar, Melissa Smith, EVP of Consulting and Professional Services, and Kent Holdcroft, EVP of Growth, sit down with Marge Ciancetta, Senior Business Analyst from Pulse8, for an informative conversation about how plans can effectively prepare for the end of the measurement year.

In a mid-year effort to improve CAHPS, it’s critical for plans to shift their strategy. This webinar is a great place to start if you need support in setting new priorities in order to see success.

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  • What Healthmine is seeing in the market from a mid-year perspective and our recommendations to improve measures
  • Why CAHPS is every MA plan’s most urgent strategic priority and how to tend to it with a new set of priorities
  • How to make sure your operational process isn’t getting in the way of mathematical progress towards better scores
  • What makes CAHPS challenges significantly different this year from traditional Stars challenges and why you need to drastically shift your strategy and operations
  • Why reaching members that are “OK” from a member sentiment perspective should be one of the summer priorities
  • The high ROI strategies for continuous, scalable member outreach this summer

Data, Data, Data

  • What actionable data looks like and how to make sure you have all the pieces necessary to change behaviors and close gaps in care
  • The 5 data sets that are vital for creating a comprehensive member record
  • How to use Mock HEDIS®, PDE, CAHPS, HOS & HRA data to micro-target intervention cohorts and improve your strategy this summer

Ensure Adequate Effort on New Measures 

  • Where your focus should be right now to make the most of the new measure changes
  • How to leverage member experience and engagement as well as provider experience and engagement work to impact new measures
  • The importance of implementing technology solutions to conduct real-time data exchanges
  • A new, very dramatic proposed change to measures and its implications for plans

Prioritizing Stars & Risk Adjustment with Providers

  • How to prioritize measure changes from a risk adjustment perspective
  • Using provider engagement techniques and technology to reach your goals
  • How to work effectively with providers to deliver the right information at the right time
  • How can plans focus on the right members for risk adjustment and gap closure
  • Why digital provider engagement is so important and how to ensure your member and provider engagement solutions are aligned for the best results
  • How to prioritize gap closure and turn strategy into action
  • How collecting provider feedback digitally can reduce provider abrasion and improve member experience

The session concludes with a robust question and answer session that addresses attendees’ concerns about the current known and proposed Star Ratings program changes. Stay tuned until the very end to get all of Melissa, Kent, and Marge’s tips for a successful Stars program year!