Healthmine & ReferWell Partner to Enhance Member Experience & Improve Outcomes


ReferWell, a health technology company driving efficient care transitions through the last mile, today announced a partnership with Healthmine, a technology-enabled member engagement and rewards company focused on empowering members to take the right actions to improve their health. Together, the two companies offer a seamless way to get more members to their appointments and close gaps in care.

As the industry continues to deal with the worldwide pandemic, health plans are currently facing complex member experience challenges in ensuring all members have access to needed appointments. The ReferWell-Healthmine partnership dramatically simplifies the member journey, delivering personalized health action plans that identify where the most critical gaps in care exist and scheduling necessary provider visits, all within the same application. The result is improved care coordination and effective management of care transitions.

“Health plans are looking for innovative ways to engage their members, prove the value they offer and make it easier for members to get the care they need,” said ReferWell CEO Vytas Kisielius. “Healthmine’s omnichannel engagement platform helps identify and activate high-risk beneficiaries who have care gaps, providing incentives designed to motivate them and, through this partnership, schedules visits that members are 60–110% more likely to complete.”

The “last mile” challenge refers to the struggle health plans face in scheduling and ensuring that members follow through with appointments once the appropriate screenings and preventive care needs have been identified. By integrating ReferWell’s appointment scheduling functionality into Healthmine’s Personal Health Assistant application, members are just a few clicks away from scheduling an appointment to see the doctor and getting rewarded for taking action towards improving their health.

“Health care payers struggle with getting members to their appointments and documenting that care occurred, creating a dissatisfying and disorganized experience of care,“ said Healthmine President and CEO Bryce Williams. “With ReferWell’s ability to streamline the ‘last mile’ of the member’s care journey, this technology-enabled partnership will provide our partner health plans with a solution to scale their quality improvement and member retention initiatives.”

The health care industry is fighting to get people—especially the senior population— back to their doctors, while balancing the market pressures around CAHPS, quality measures and member experience. This combined solution offers a seamless and cost-effective technological approach to knocking down barriers to accessing care and appointment scheduling.

About Healthmine:
Healthmine is a quality improvement solution focused on empowering people to take the right actions related to their health. We build personalized, ongoing member engagement strategies for health plans in all lines of business that drive health actions through customized incentives and rewards and enhance member experience. Healthmine clients have transparency into real-time, actionable insights on the success of member engagement and satisfaction initiatives, as well as the ability to identify priority areas of opportunity to improve quality measures and Star ratings. Connect with Healthmine on LinkedIn.

About ReferWell:
ReferWell is a New York-area health technology company driving efficient care transitions through the last mile so that patients stay well, health plans improve quality and provider networks better manage value. With our unique blend of an EMR-agnostic technology platform and operational support, our solutions help clients raise revenue by reducing leakage, improving Star ratings and getting more members to risk assessments.

We specialize in integrating networks of providers across various EMRs to improve referral flows; scheduling patient appointments at the point of care or call to gain access and increase patient follow through; cleansing directory data and optimizing provider search to better manage value; and enhancing loop closure with operational support to improve outcomes for provider networks and payers covering nearly 5 million member lives.

To learn more about the challenges ReferWell solves for health plans, click here.

Healthmine is the leading member engagement and rewards solution focused on empowering people to take the right actions to improve their health.

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