Real-World Innovations & Strategies to Boost CAHPS & HOS Scores


Over the past few years, the importance of a great member experience solidified itself as a top priority for health plans, and yet fully cracking the code on how to improve CAHPS and HOS scores has been a challenge. As each plan experiments with how to reach, engage, and delight members, the industry as a whole is working towards establishing member experience improvement best practices.

To that end, Healthmine EVP of Consulting & Professional Services Melissa Smith sat down with fellow quality improvement experts in a recent panel at Strategic Solutions Network’s Medicare Star Ratings & Quality Assurance Summit to discuss the latest innovations that plans are utilizing to boost CAHPS and HOS scores. Moderated by Julianne Eckert, the Director of Quality Improvement at Clover Health, the panel featured observations from:

  • Cindy Aguglia, Medicare Stars & Quality Manager at The Health Plan
  • Enam Noor, Founder and CEO of Insightin Health
  • Anthony Davis, Managing Director of Quality and Accreditation Services at Health Management Associates

Each panelist shared their unique perspectives and actionable strategies on how health plans can re-evaluate and reset the ways they track, analyze, and respond to member feedback to succeed in an environment of 4x weighted CAHPS measures.

How to Boost CAHPS & HOS Scores

Get access to a recording of the panel session and enjoy an insightful discussion about:

  • How to use member data to both anticipate healthcare needs and inform interventions throughout their experience with a plan
  • The importance of coordinating consistent member communications at all levels of a health plan to deliver a seamless member experience with minimal abrasion
  • The value of mock CAHPS surveys and unique ways to collect feedback, such as trickling questions throughout a member’s health journey versus single point-in-time surveys
  • The reactive nature of CAHPS results and how to shift focus towards a proactive, encounter-based approach that continuously responds to feedback
  • Recommendations for working with providers to boost scores and create positive member experiences

To learn what’s working to move on the needle on CAHPS scores, watch the panel below.

Watch the panel discussion on real innovations to boost CAHPS & HOS scores

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