Emerging Issues in Star Ratings & What You Need to Prioritize in 2022


The 2022 Star Ratings left many Medicare Advantage (MA) plans feeling like they’re on cloud nine, but what’s really going on behind those high scores? An in-depth look at 2022 Stars performance reveals that a combination of “better of” relief through the Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances policy, the retirement of two triple-weighted HOS measures, and the delayed implementation of guard rails likely artificially inflated most plans’ final scores.

In the midst of any end-of-year celebrations, plans should acknowledge the unique circumstances that impacted the 2022 Star Ratings and have serious conversations about what tools and strategies they need to implement to maintain momentum in the years to come.

Amidst this changing landscape, Healthmine EVP of Consulting & Professional Services Melissa Smith recently presented her critical insights about the current state of Star Ratings and what the future may hold for MA plans at Strategic Solutions Network’s Medicare Star Ratings & Quality Assurance Summit. During her session, Melissa explained the circumstances and factors that influenced a national rise in ratings, what plans can expect from the latest measure changes and CMS’ strategic priorities, and what discussions you need to have with your C-suite team to get the resources and support that will help you overcome the upcoming challenges in MA.

Watch a recording of the presentation to hear about:

  • The current state of Medicare Advantage, including the impact of COVID relief, what we can learn from the national spike in Stars performance, the reality around harder cut points, and more
  • The high volume of program and measure changes for 2022 that will need to be addressed
  • CMS’ overt acknowledgment of health equity as a top priority for government programs and proposed requirements for plans in terms of reporting, tracking, and accountability
  • Why plans should re-evaluate their CAHPS strategies to improve the experiences of neutral and unengaged members alongside the dissatisfied members and high utilizers
  • A summary of CMS’ strategic priorities and how to align your MA plan with the most pressing topics and initiatives
  • The current and emerging issues impacting Star Ratings and how to present them to your C-suite in order to establish the tools, processes, and systems that will encourage success in the coming years

We all want to keep the champagne flowing with stellar Star Ratings year after year, but maintaining this growth will require plans to assess the current environment in MA and prepare for what is on the horizon.

Check out the quick 25-minute presentation to discover how to adapt your Stars work plan to an evolving landscape.

Watch the recording of our session on the 2022 Star Ratings landscape

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