Breaking Down Data Silos to Improve Care Coordination & Patient Outcomes


HealthMine’s EVP of Consulting, Melissa Smith, recently led a panel discussion at Strategic Solutions Network’s Whole Person Care Summit about breaking down data silos in the healthcare industry. The panel participants come from a variety of healthcare and community organizations, offering diverse views on how data can help drive a holistic approach to care.

Panelists included:

This panel presentation is a great chance to hear real-world examples from three different experts from across the healthcare continuum.

Watch the recording here

In the group's pragmatic conversation about integrating data across population health, clinical quality, behavioral health, and social determinants of health they discuss:

  • Working collaboratively with referrals to other providers and community organizations 
  • The separation between payers, providers, and community organizations as well as the silos that exist within those groups 
  • The importance of creating a whole-person record through data synchronization
  • The connection between loneliness, mental health, and physical health, and how to support members with all three areas to improve outcomes 

This is an important conversation that you don’t want to miss. Access the full recording below to learn how industry leaders are using data to maximize the benefits of partnerships and increase the quality of care.

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