2022 Star Ratings Update: Current Landscape & a Look to the Future

Back again for the second of three sessions in the 2022 Star Ratings Webinar Series, EVP of Consulting Melissa Smith and Senior Consultants Cynthia Pawley-Martin and Dwight Pattison dug deep into the Star Ratings landscape to help plans identify where to spend their valuable time and resources.

While many plans are celebrating a healthy bump in Star Ratings, this is not the time to slow down. Any boosts in performance were hidden behind the “better of” relief granted by CMS during the pandemic.

Throughout this webinar, Melissa, Cynthia, and Dwight share the key insights and takeaways from the 2022 Star Ratings results to prepare your plan for next year. The team discusses changes that have occurred over the past year that impact Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, as well as emerging issues to keep an eye on.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn:

  • The technical updates and permanent changes introduced in the 2022 Star Ratings
  • How significant pandemic relief resulted in artificially high ratings, and how plans can avoid getting caught up in the excitement of this one-time anomaly
  • How the Nationals performed on Star Ratings
  • The difference in performance between non-profit MA-PD Plans and for-profit MA-PD plans
  • How CMS’ “Meaningful Measures” framework will impact the future of Star Ratings
  • The new technology solutions that are helping plans segment their membership to close elusive CAHPS gaps
  • Our recommended tips for “future proofing” your MA bid
  • The important steps that CMS has taken to accelerate MA impact on health equity, and 4 things you can do today to improve it
  • A summary of CMS’ new regulations for Rewards & Incentives Programs that will impact MY2022 Stars tactics
  • How to hit the ground running with the short-term focused measures, such as Follow-up after ED Visits, that take effect promptly on 1/1/21

Even with a wide array of technical and regulatory changes, the primary target for MA plans remains intact: create better experiences and more positive health outcomes for members. In this 75-minute session, the Healthmine team explains everything you need to know about the current state of Star Ratings, as well as what’s to come. Stay tuned until the very end to hear Melissa Smith answer questions from the audience.

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