Health Plans: Are You Collecting Data or Insight?

Submitted by Rob Wyse on Tue, 04/18/2017 - 11:53

A new Premier survey with 63 healthcare executives found that healthcare systems are now shifting their focus from recording data in EHRs to integrating and combining this data to aid in decision making. This is a welcome development for providers and a nudge for health plans to move themselves in the direction of a single, integrated technology platform. After all, integrating data eliminates redundancies, creates efficiencies, and lays a foundation for population analytics and insight. That can lead to closing more gaps in care and lowering costs—both for members and the plan.

For health plans, creating one comprehensive, integrated platform would facilitate more effective management of and improvement in the health and wellness of their diverse populations. It would streamline internal workflows, reduce the cost and duplication associated with maintaining multiple, separate systems, and enhance the member experience through better data coordination and sharing of information.