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Member Centric Health Requires Intelligence

Submitted by Rob Wyse on Mon, 03/06/2017 - 10:47

Your members may feel that taking charge of their own health is like swimming upstream. Overwhelmed by an increasingly complex sea of medical choices and data, Americans can easily get lost, and carried away by the inertia of leaving their healthcare to providers. The consequences are grave, particularly for those with health risks and chronic conditions. In healthcare, being an engaged consumer is essential to promoting positive outcomes and lowering costs.
The problem lies in an imbalance of health intelligence. Before the Internet, smartphones and social media, knowledge about conditions, treatments and medication lived mostly with providers. Diagnostic tools and devices were accessible only in the doctor’s office, and the patient’s health record sat in the physician’s file cabinet. Recently, advances in technology have enabled a shift of information directly to patients. But not everyone is accustomed to finding, interpreting or applying the vast amounts of health data now available to them.