Medicare for all

The Number: 70

Submitted by Rob Wyse on Sun, 09/09/2018 - 19:40

Medicare-for-all has been in the news for weeks and months, especially leading up to the 2018 midterm elections in November. So, how much does the public know about Medicare-for-all – and what do they think of it?

A recent Reuters survey started to get at the answer – 70% of Americans surveyed were found to support Medicare-for-all. That includes 85 percent of Democrats, and 52 percent of Republicans.

A single-payer system simplifies who is responsible for covering costs,” writes CNBC’s Yoni Blumberg of the Medicare-for-all proposal. “That gets rid of some of the issues that stem from the complexity of the current American system, like balance billing.”

While many Americans are unsatisfied with their current health care coverage – for any number of reasons, ranging from cost to inefficiency – most Americans who are enrolled in Medicare are generally satisfied.