News Summary 7.14.18

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New York Times: Irregular and unpredictable drug prices -- A new study analyzed the disparities in drug prices city-to-city across the nation. While some price hikes were unsurprising, like in New York and San Francisco, others were more unpredictable, even finding vastly different drug prices from pharmacies on the same block.

Health Payer Intelligence: Star ratings impacted by population economic status--Health plan members’ socioeconomic backgrounds affect Medicare Advantage star ratings, new research found. In the current ratings system, plans that serve “low income, medically complex, or socioeconomically vulnerable individuals,” may unwittingly be prone to lower star ratings. 

mHealth Intelligence: Telehealth reimbursements included in CMS 2019 proposal—Virtual care service opportunities, including virtual check-in services, remote evaluation of patient-submitted videos and images, and expanded reimbursements, were all included in the CMS proposal for next year. "Today is a huge win for patients and providers as CMS is proposing historic changes to modernize Medicare and restore the doctor-patient relationship," said CMS Administrator Seema Verma.