News Summary 6.29.18

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HealthPayerIntelligence: Low customer satisfaction for Medicare Advantage -- Uncoordinated communication and little help managing expenses led to low customer satisfaction for Medicare Advantage. With the 7.5 percent growth in the Medicare Advantage market since last year, plans likely aren’t equipped to meet member growth, demands and expectations.

Kaiser Health News: Gawande chosen to lead venture -- Dr. Atul Gawande was tapped last week to lead the Amazon, Bershire-Hathway and JP Morgan backed health care venture. As an acclaimed surgeon, writer and researcher, he plans to help health professionals, “make it simpler to do the right thing.”

New York Times: Insulin cutback by patients to save cost -- One in four patients with diabetes admitted to cutting back on insulin use because of cost, according to a new study from Yale University. Those with Type 1 diabetes die within a week or so without insulin. With no generic version of insulin, many are left with difficult choices around their finances and their health.


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