Automatic Health


Automatic Health  Automatic Health™


HealthMine's solution is powered by Automatic Health™, our clinical analytics platform, that generates insights and recommendations so plans can:

Identify Risks

identify risks earlier

Closes Gaps

close gaps in care faster

Opportunity Manager  Opportunity Manager


Identifies opportunities by giving plans continuous access to data and insights generated by Automatic Health, and then...

Recommends actions/interventions prioritized for members and care teams to engage with 360-degree member profiles, compliance tracking, member intervention prioritization, and program reporting.

Automatic Health Graphic
Automatic Health Graphic

Personal Health Assistant  Personal Health Assistant


Our member-centric service creates a personalized experience for members to self-manage and empowers health action through personalized guidance, targeted automated messaging, education and incentives

Health Assistant Demo


We Think Like a Health Plan


Our Health Action Services support many programs throughout your organization:

Medicare Advantage: Personalize the experience for each beneficiary to deliver 1) increased risk adjustment revenue, 2: increases Star ratings and 3) provide opportunities to lower the cost to care for your members.

Medicaid: Lower the cost of care by 1) effectively reaching members, 2) effectively educating on the right health actions, and 3) connecting members with PCPs, condition management programs and preventive services.

Commercial: Know projected cost savings opportunities and accelerate health action for your population. Our services continuously provide insights, recommended interventions, and member engagement rewards and education.



PreCheck instantly calculates revenue and cost savings opportunities based on our expert system trained by 6 billion+ medical records

Health Actions Derived Using National Guidelines


Personalized health actions derived using industry-standard national guidelines help members understand exactly what they need to do and when to do it. The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance are just a few of our guideposts.

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American Diabetes Association
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