Automatic Health


Automatic Health


HealthMine's solution is powered by Automatic Health, our clinical analytics platform, that generates insights and recommendations so plans can:

Identify Risks

identify risks earlier

Closes Gaps

close gaps in care faster

Opportunity Manager


Identifies opportunities by giving plans continuous access to data and insights generated by Automatic Health, and then...

Recommends actions/interventions prioritized by projected revenue and cost savings opportunities

Automatic Health Graphic
Automatic Health Graphic

Personal Health Assistant


Our consumer application that empowers plan members to self-manage their health through personalized guidance, education, tools and incentives

Health Assistant Demo


What Automatic Health Means to Plans


For Medicare Advantage plans, Automatic Health is the single technology solution that powers a triple advantage: 1) increased risk adjustment revenue, 2) consistently high Star Ratings and 3) lower cost of care


Commercial plans now can always know their projected cost savings opportunities and take action. Automatic Health continuously provides access to all available data providing insights, and recommended interventions


For Medicaid plans, HealthMine can help lower the cost of care by 1) effectively reaching members, 2) educating on the right health actions, and 3) connecting each with a primary care provider 



PreCheck instantly calculates revenue and cost savings opportunities based on our expert system trained by 6 billion+ medical records