HealthMine Empowers
Plans and Members

One solution to motivate health actions
and reward any member.


Impact your member population with
scalable health action


HealthMine matches health actions to rewards
that improve member satisfaction

Smarter Rewards. More
Health Risks Identified. Health Action Completion. Member Satisfaction.

Designed to enhance quality improvement efforts, our personalized solution can help enhance or supplement your targeted member engagement strategy. We motivate and encourage members to complete clinical health actions. And we provide smart rewards distribution and fulfillment to make them happy and healthy.

What’s New

Learn more about our Medicare Beneficiary Survey and White Paper: A Call for Care That’s Personal, Accessible and Social

Individual Health is Different

A Person is not a Care Gap.

Each person has unique needs. No one and done campaigns here. We constantly monitor and adjust members’ health action plans. This drives repeatable compliance efforts for effective health management.

Strategic Interventions for All Members.

We create continuous opportunities to improve all member care. And we personalize motivation at scale.

One Solution Delivers and Measures Results.

One comprehensive engagement platform to motivate, act, reward, and measure – all at one price. Tracking results for efficacy of interventions is what we do.


We Really Understand Your Members

Members are motivated with the right rewards for health actions. Current member health status understanding creates precise multi-modality outreach to motivate compliance. Members receive personalized healthaction plans, education, surveys, support, communication preference selection, and smart incentives to keep them engaging.


Health Action Improves Members’ Health

Impact your member population with scalable health action that maximizes resources at a lower cost. Every member gets a Customized Health Action Plan, no matter their condition. That brings the most value to your bottom line.


Offer the Flexibility of Choice

HealthMine matches health actions to rewards that will improve member satisfaction and health outcomes. Giving members choices of health actions to complete, types of reward offerings, and delivery preferences ensures a simple process.

National Guidelines Drive Health Actions

Personalized health actions derived using industry-standard national guidelines help members understand exactly what they need to do and when to do it. The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance are just a few of our guideposts.