Boost Your Member Health Action Engagement and Improve Your Quality Performance

HealthMine works with health organizations to improve member engagement and enhance quality improvement efforts. Our personalized solution delivers a continuous member engagement approach that continuously motivates members to complete clinical health actions, creating better health outcomes so members and plans can thrive.

Our Approach to Improving Individual Health

HealthMine’s decade-proven, clinically-based analytic platform looks at all members and determines individual risk and opportunities to target and improve the health of your population. Its powerful intelligence platform was originally built inside a Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) health plan ̶ designed to aggregate data and utilize advanced algorithms to combine population health and quality improvement disciplines.

What’s New

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Accelerate Member Health Improvement for Your Entire Member Population

HealthMine creates an Individualized Health Action Plan for each member and creatively motivates and incentivizes them for health action compliance ̶ bringing the most value to your bottom line. Unlike population health solutions that focus on a segment of your member population, our services focus on cost-effectively reaching all members and engaging them in a way that best fits their needs.

HealthMine has helped plans increase registered consumers nearly 50% and drives a consistent utilization for health action compliance and health self-management than un-registered consumers.

One Solution for Your Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial Populations

HealthMine’s solution is successful in motivating members with clinically based health action plans personalized to all members, regardless of the market. HealthMine Improves quality outcomes through a personalized member engagement and smart incentive rewards solution.

Why HealthMine

  • Data-Fueled Member Engagement through precise multi-modality outreach integrating all types of data
  • Personalized Health Actions automation that uncovers care gaps through member interaction
  • Continuous monitoring and member segmenting to constantly scan for opportunities to close care gaps
  • Strategic interventions to effectively manage multiple touchpoints and track for efficacy of interventions
  • All-Inclusive solution – all at one price

Health Actions Derived Using National Guidelines

Personalized health actions derived using industry-standard national guidelines help members understand exactly what they need to do and when to do it. The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance are just a few of our guideposts.