1. What is my health status?
  2. What do I do about it?
  3. What’s in it for me?

Our Health Action solutions drive clinical member engagement resulting in increased Star Ratings, improved risk adjustment, and reduced gaps in care. Medicare Advantage plans can target and motivate members to take action on specific measures that will show greatest returns both in revenue and cost savings.

Personal Health Assistant

Health Action Drives Member Satisfaction

Personal Health Assistant combines a personalized digital health experience, messaging/reminder automation and incentives to complete clinical health actions that results in closing gaps in care, empowering self-care and overall health improvement. Through the Personal Health Assistant interactive experience, members can manage their health, provide more self-reported insights and receive information specific to their chronic and current health needs.

Personal Health Assistant provides:

  • Timely and smart rewards to motivate and drive recommended health actions
  • Dynamic digital experience and member specific communications & reminders
  • Personalized messaging at the right time and place to gain member trust and understanding

Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager identifies high value opportunities and recommends health actions/clinical interventions for members and care teams with 360°member profiles, compliance tracking, member outreach, and continuous program reporting. Opportunity Manager provides workflows for Star Ratings Program Directors, Customer Service and Call Centers, Care Managers/Coaches and Preventive Health Coordinators. It provides:

  • Population health and engagement dashboards, compliance tracking and real-time risk analysis
  • Prioritized member chase lists and streamlined clinical intervention touchpoints
  • Smart rewards and incentive program enrollment and support

Automatic Health®

Identify Risks Easier and Close Gaps Faster
Automatic Health is a cloud-based analytics platform that continuously turns data into critical intelligence used to target the highest value health actions for your members.

Automatic Health offers:

  • Continuous integration with clinical, behavioral, demographic and member-reported data sources
  • Risk identification and stratifications to identify primary risks and health conditions
  • Automated matching algorithms, logic and recommendation engine to drive individual care plan personalization