How can health plans harness the digital momentum gained in 2020 to continue improving member satisfaction and health outcomes? James Haskins, Director of Government Programs at HealthMine, recently participated in a panel during Strategic Solutions Network’s Medicaid Innovations Forum to address this question head-on.

Additional panelists include:

  • Lex Gillette, Paralympic Track and Field Athlete, Team USA
  • John J. Sweeney, Strategy and Business Development Director, Public Sector, WEX Health
  • Sarenka Smith, Director, Marketing & Communications, emocha Health
  • Laura Aiello, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, LifeStation

Throughout the panel session, participants share how their organizations use technology to increase member engagement and improve health outcomes. Some key takeaways of the session include:

Digital surveys help plans reach members how they want to be reached: Digital surveys give members the opportunity to share how they want to receive communications including SMS/text message, email, phone, or mail. Plans can also use digital surveys to collect information about accessibility concerns, such as vision or hearing impairments, that could prevent members from receiving and consuming communications.

Digital tools improve medication adherence: Digital adherence programs are designed to help members stay accountable to proper ingestion and technique at every dose. By targeting technique issues, behavioral issues, and social determinants of health, we can increase medication adherence and impact members’ health outcomes, costs, and quality measures.

Digital tools create scalable, cost-effective solutions for member engagement: Digital engagement campaigns are an affordable, trackable, and scalable solution for reaching large groups of members. Technology can be used to segment and send member communications while also providing plans with critical behavior metrics including deliverability, opens, and clicks.

Digital surveys create a holistic view of membership and support customized rewards: Members are more likely to complete a health action when it’s tied to a meaningful reward. Capturing member information through digital surveys helps plans determine which incentives are valuable and accessible to member populations.

Digital enrollment files break down data silos: Accurate data is the secret sauce that makes technology powerful. Up-to-date enrollment data can help plans easily exchange information between care team members and create a single source of truth for member data.

Other topics of conversation include:

  • The disconnect between enrollment and engagement
  • How to promote life skills and member benefits with digital tools
  • Using Medical Alert Technology to empower members and track valuable data
  • An important conversation about accessibility from Lex Gillette, a blind Paralympic athlete


Be sure to watch the full recording of this session if you weren’t able to attend live. This conversation is beneficial for any plan looking to improve member satisfaction and health outcomes post-pandemic. Click below to access the recording.

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