Every year when the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) releases the Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, two major questions immediately surface: What happened this year and what do health plans need to do next?

At a high level, in 2021, Star Ratings declined across the board, and there will be less members covered by plans with 4 or more Stars. This contributed to the most substantial drop in overall enrollment-weighted average Star Rating we’ve seen yet. Health plans are concerned—and rightfully so.

In a recent webinar, HealthMine EVP Melissa Smith addressed this concern by exploring past trends and how the 2021 ratings stacked up, and then methodically outlining the future changes on the horizon of which health plans need to be aware.

This webinar, available on demand by submitting the form below, covered a wide array of topics, including:

  • Highlights and trends from the 2021 Star Ratings, including an overview of National plan performance
  • Data behind the characteristics of a plan that drive strong Star Ratings (e.g., HMO vs. PPO, Blue vs. Non-Blue, large vs. small)
  • Summary of changes to the Stars “math path,” as well as the measure-specific updates planned or proposed through measurement year (MY) 2022
  • Recommendations on what plans should do to boost ratings
  • Insight into the emerging issues for plans to keep an eye on

For the insider scoop on how to navigate changes to Star Ratings and set your plan up for success, watch the on-demand webinar from HealthMine’s EVP Melissa Smith and CEO Bryce Williams. Fill out the form below to access the recording.