How do we effectively connect with Medicare and Medicaid members and their advocates to improve health?

Data and fast action win. Effective communication wins. Population health happens one person at a time. With that said, connecting member engagement and rewards must be inextricably linked at the individual level.

The ability to segment your population and communicate using the member’s preferred methods is critical to successful outcomes.

Leading with Digital Communications

Heavy reliance on the familiar physical mail and phone calls will continue to be a high-cost, inefficient communication strategy. Transitioning to digital engagement will allow you to take a more scalable, effective, and timely approach to reach members in a way they prefer during a time when it is critical that you proactively communicate with them. Digital modalities are easier to track and offer measurable results.

COVID-19 has disrupted your members’ ability to access needed services, further driving dependency on telemedicine and digital outreach—a shift that will continue into the “new normal.” Now is the time to leverage digital engagement to communicate with a captive health population.

Engagement Linked to Rewards

How can you ensure your members are still taking steps to receive their needed services? By aligning your member engagement with an incentive strategy, which motivates members to take the necessary health actions. You can do this by offering members a variety of rewards to choose from for completing health activities. They appreciate reward options of retail, transportation, restaurant, pharmacy, and other necessary items that can improve their health while saving them time and money.

This will allow you to close gaps in care, improve quality performance, and maximize your return on investment. Driving actionable insights from the results and creating a personalized strategy down to each individual member.

Now more than ever plans need to review their approach for reaching members. Consider adopting digital solutions that will better meet the communication needs of your members, while maximizing and offering the ability to more effectively measure your quality improvement strategies.

At HealthMine, we offer the ability to supplement or enhance your plan’s capabilities with a HITRUST core solution of member engagement and rewards, clinical expert engine, robust analytics, client services, and technical support. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact me at

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Amy Lung is COO of HealthMine and has 14 years’ experience in creating data-driven strategies for healthcare quality improvement