Member engagement is undergoing a rapid digital evolution. We are living in a time when people are relying on technology more than ever before—and healthcare is no exception. Individuals’ receptivity to technology today means that health plans have the opportunity to harness scalable, ongoing digital engagement to accelerate improved outcomes—both at the individual member level and across populations.

In a recent presentation at the Population Health Payer Innovations Summit, HealthMine’s Director of Government Programs James Haskins discussed the actionable steps you can take to create powerful, data-driven, digital-first engagement that leverages rewards and incentives and empowers people to complete the right actions to improve their health.

Throughout the presentation, James outlines five steps to proven success in member engagement:

  • Aggregate: Learn how collecting and aggregating data can help you gain a holistic view of members’ health. James offers tactical advice to create a complete member record through “whole person” data synchronization.
  • Segment: Now that you have more member data, what do you do with it? James walks through how to prioritize and segment important member data to reduce member abrasion and improve experience.
  • Personalize: Start leveraging your analytics to create personalized and compelling messages that are cost-effective and timely. James reveals how targeted communications can empower members to close gaps in care faster.
  • Act: Embrace the healthcare industry’s rapid adoption of technology by activating members through omnichannel communications. James shares best practices for implementing a rewards and incentives program powered by digital engagement.
  • Measure: Identify how to track progress and measure the success of your member engagement plan. James identifies how to utilize performance data from your digital campaigns to adjust your plan for future success.

There are opportunities to advance population health outcomes by leveraging digital engagement throughout the continuous member journey – from onboarding to “the last mile” of receiving high quality care. This session is chock-full of tactical tips and advice that will help you improve member experience every step of the way. Click the banner below to access the full recording.


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