HealthMine’s EVP of Consulting & Professional Services Melissa Smith and EVP of Growth Kent Holdcroft recently led a roundtable discussion on member engagement and risk adjustment at the RISE National Conference.

In this presentation, Melissa and Kent share how CAHPS-centric member engagement will look very different post-pandemic. The increased adoption of devices over the past year enables health plans to use digital member engagement to build trust and relationships with their members moving forward.

This digital-first approach also allows plans to be more dynamic with their engagement methods. Melissa and Kent explain how plans can utilize partnerships to aggregate more comprehensive data and create real-time nudges that drive members to take action.

Another important area of discussion is the intersection of quality and Stars Ratings and risk adjustment. The team shares how digital engagement solutions impact risk adjustment, and how HealthMine uses rewards and incentives to fuel strong quality ratings and performance for plan partners. Additionally, Kent and Melissa announce a new partnership with Pulse8 which will integrate risk adjustment into the HealthMine technology.

Additional topics of discussion include:

  • How HRA response data can fuel risk adjustment programs and interventions
  • Using incentivized annual wellness visits as a gateway for better health engagement
  • HealthMine’s closed-loop approach to member engagement
  • The rise of digital deserts and effects on engagement

This presentation details how health plans can optimize their “digital front door” and drive individuals to complete health actions. Don’t miss the important content delivered in this session as we navigate the new digital age of healthcare.


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