Three Year Study of 120,000 individuals demonstrates the power of the company’s health engagement platform

HealthMine promotes behavior change and incents healthy behaviors, especially in members who do not traditionally undertake preventive health actions or manage chronic conditions. In a recent study of 120,000 employees over a 3-year period, results found:

  1. Close to 80% of the incentive program members earned points. Slightly increased and sustained engagement levels are observed as the program entered the second and third year.
  2. During the 3-year period, there was an increase in wellness/preventive visits, compliance with obtaining healthy biometric measurements, and taking actions to control unhealthy biometric measurement results.
  3. Hospital utilization showed a decreased trend averaging 10-20% in hospital admissions, bed days, and ER visits over year-1. Hospital readmission rates had a 50% reduction by year-3, while length of stay slightly decreased, reflecting that the right care was provided in the right setting.
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