DALLASNov. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HealthMine, the health action engagement company, published a report today as part of its series on Medicare Advantage Plan Beneficiary Insights, entitled: “Closing Gaps to Create a Personalized Experience.” The report covers five gaps between Medicare beneficiaries and their health plans. The reporting is based on a 2019 survey of 800 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries with at least one chronic condition.

The respondent group perceived five key gaps as follows:

  1. a “knowledge gap” in how well their plan understands them,
  2. a “trust gap” in relying on their plan as a trusted healthcare advisor,
  3. a “connection gap” on how well beneficiaries are connected to and communicate with their plan,
  4. a “chronic condition communication gap” in how well and often plans communicate with them about their chronic disease, and
  5. a “health action gap” in how proactive and responsive plans are to incent and suggest health actions to abate and manage chronic conditions

HealthMine does underscore that the perception of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries does not align with the efforts that health plans have made in helping beneficiaries manage their health and chronic condition.

According to Nicole Althaus, chief marketing officer at HealthMine, “We see that plans have definitely made progress. They are making efforts to be more connected and provide beneficiaries with more options to better manage their chronic conditions. But, motivating beneficiaries to be better informed about the right health actions at the right time is important for driving down healthcare costs.”

To read the report, go to https://www.healthmine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/HealthMine-Report-Personalized-Experience_11-18.pdf

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