SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.Jan. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amy Lung, COO of HealthMine, and Rex Wallace, a strategic advisor dedicated to helping Medicare Advantage plans achieve a higher Star Rating, will present on January 27th at The BRI Network 2020 Star Ratings & Quality Improvement Summit from 11:30am – 12:10pm at The Fairmount Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The presentation, ‘Impact Star Ratings Through Member Engagement and Smart Rewards‘ will show attendees how to continuously engage, encourage, and reward Medicare Advantage beneficiaries for completing health actions like preventive health screenings, annual doctor visits, or condition-specific tests. Knowing how and when to individually reach out to members at scale is critical in driving measurable improvement in quality care and a plan’s bottom line.

Session attendees will gain a better understanding of the opportunities for targeting the entire member population to enhance condition management efforts and maximize member engagement.  They will also learn that reaching members requires effective use of multiple modalities (communication tools including but not limited to mail, email, text, phone) based on understanding members’ lifestyles and preferences. Additionally, attendees will learn the importance of coordinating member touch points across the payer organization to avoid member abrasion and measure effectiveness of interventions.

The presentation will draw on trends and findings from Lung and Wallace’s hands-on experience working inside health plans.  HealthMine’s Lung shares her expertise using best-in-class technology solutions and digital engagement tools to identify opportunities for improving quality ratings in government programs and commercial products. Moreover, it will highlight some key industry trends and insights from HealthMine’s proprietary research of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

Selected data from HealthMine research referenced in the presentation can be found in HealthMine’s 2019 White Paper by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, “A Call for Care That’s Personal, Accessible and Social,” which addressed communication issues between Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries and the U.S. Healthcare System.

About the Speakers:

Amy Lung, COO of HealthMine, is a national conference speaker, specialized in teaching the art and science of health improvement. She is certified as an Improvement Advisor from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and holds a LEAN for Healthcare certification through UCLA extension. Her experience and capabilities from these specialized trainings help her to derive data-driven strategies that produce measurable results.

Rex Wallace leads Rex Wallace Consulting, a firm that helps Medicare Advantage plans perform at higher levels and achieve higher Star Ratings, resulting in improved outcomes, experiences, and quality of life for their members.

About HealthMine, Inc.

HealthMine is a health reward and engagement company that empowers plans to improve member health through smart rewards and incentives. Our analytic platform is designed to aggregate data and utilize advanced algorithms with combined population health and quality improvement disciplines to help plans thrive. Health plans and organizations have utilized HealthMine’s services since 2008 to enhance or supplement targeted member engagement strategies. We offer one solution to motivate health actions and reward any member. We encourage members to complete clinical health actions, providing smarter rewards distribution and member satisfaction. HealthMine is online at