Anyone closely related to a baby boomer likely knows they are more than willing to use smart phones, social media, and other technology. As this demographic ages into Medicare, the misconception that digital engagement won’t work for the senior populations is being quickly debunked.

At a recent Strategic Solutions Network event for Medicare Stars, HEDIS, Quality & Risk, Kent Holdcroft, EVP of Growth, presented on the topic of using digital engagement to support a better experience for Medicare Advantage (MA) members. The conversation focused on how plans can maximize tools and technology to create a streamlined experience that’s scalable enough to reach more members and personalized enough to drive action. He shared how digital engagement is the key to not only address new regulatory changes, but also to reach and maintain higher quality ratings in the long run.

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Topics of Kent’s presentation include:

  • Why digital engagement is so important, and the trends MA plans are adopting to positively impact customer experience and succeed in the market  
  • How the pandemic and the subsequent technology boom has created a digital tipping point in healthcare 
  • How to create a longitudinal member record to gain a holistic understanding of your members
  • Using digital surveys and tailored health actions to motivate members and close more gaps in care  
  • Meeting new industry expectations including measurement, interoperability, transparency, and remote patient monitoring through digital transformation 
  • How plans can integrate technology to maximize the value of their apps and portals
  • Including digital engagement tools as medical expenses for Medicare Advantage bids
  • What to include in an effective digital strategy and the boxes your technology vendor should be able to check

The industry is rapidly accelerating towards digital transformation. MA plans that adopt and adapt to new ways of doing things are going to be the ones seeing success in the second half of this year. Whether you’ve been operating from a legacy perspective or are brand new to the space, this presentation will explain how digital-first member engagement will help you reach your quality goals.

Learn the secrets to creating personalized digital engagement that drives action and improves outcomes. Click to watch the recording.

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