HealthMine’s Executive Vice President of Consulting & Professional Services, Melissa Smith, led a timely presentation at the Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations Conference to discuss the state of Medicare Advantage (MA) during a time of political change and a pandemic.

In this succinct, high-level overview, Melissa touches on areas of the past, present, and future that MA plans should consider as they innovate to improve Star Ratings and control medical spend for 2022. Key insights Melissa covers in this presentation include:


  • Implications of low Star Ratings performance in 2021 for MA
  • How to navigate anticipated and potentially artificially high ratings for 2022


  • The most vital changes on the horizon for Star Ratings program
  • How to innovate to support changes in 23 Star measures
  • The viability and applicability of innovations for increasing Star Ratings
  • Changes to the Stars “Math Path” in measurement year 2021


  • How CAHPS-centric member engagement looks different post-pandemic
  • A pivot from traditional engagement methods including phone and mail to the adoption of digital, multi-measure, continuous engagement
  • Navigating new regulations and administration
  • Emerging issues to keep top of mind as you think about adopting new innovations over the next few years

This presentation delivers exceptional value in just under 15 minutes of time. Watch the full recording to hear expert-delivered insight into the Star Ratings program changes and what’s coming next for Medicare Advantage.

Watch the replay and access tips to innovate and improve Star Ratings post-pandemic