How can Medicaid plans reach their member populations in a way that is sustainable, customizable, and effective? HealthMine Chief Operating Officer, Amy Lung, recently presented on the topic of digital engagement at the Medicaid Innovations Forum and provided participants with a handful of actionable steps to reach members.

“Engagement is everything,” Amy explains. “All of the programs, requirements and initiatives will only work if you can strategically engage and navigate your members towards what they need.”

As we enter the digital age of healthcare catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, plans have access to new tools and technology that can help educate, engage and navigate members towards the care that they need.

Amy outlines The Five Steps to Digital Engage Medicaid Members as follows:

1. Aggregate data

Automated data aggregation helps Medicaid plans gain a holistic view of their members without the data lags and errors that often result from manual list generation.

2. Identify segments & prioritize

Once you have the data collected, what do you do with it? Amy explains how analytics can support a scaled, customized approach to member outreach instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.

3. Personalization at scale

Reflecting on her experience working at a large health plan, Amy discusses how to create and deliver member-centric action plans at scale that build trust and drive action.

4. Engage & activate members

Incentives work to drive action, but only when you can effectively reach and engage the member. Amy shares how to use digital channels to enable flexible, scalable, and timely engagement.

5. Measure effectiveness to optimize plan performance

What is the next best step to reach members to encourage them to drive action? Learn how digital engagement enables plans to monitor the results of engagement campaigns and measure the effectiveness of outreach.

The steps Amy shares in this presentation outline what it takes to build a member engagement strategy, utilize digital tools and technology, and achieve success for your organization. This presentation is a must-see for Medicaid plans looking to improve engagement in 2021 and beyond. Click below to watch the recording!

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