HealthMine is a Health Action as a Service (HAaaS) company that continuously empowers and incentivizes individuals to take action and improve their health, while enabling health plans and organizations to increase profitability. Originally built inside a Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) health plan, its services have been leveraged by health plans since 2008, to target and engage individuals to take the next clinically-informed health actions that improve quality measures and clinical outcomes while decreasing total cost of care.

HealthMine’s Automatic Health solution combines proprietary analytics with a rules-based action engine platform. The platform matches individuals to appropriate care guidelines and optimizes both self-management and plan-driven, technology-assisted care management of the most complex conditions.

HealthMine’s proprietary analytics and rule sets score, weigh, and prioritize individuals by five domains:

  1. clinical outcomes
  2. total cost of care
  3. health plan revenue
  4. social determinants and individual sentiment factors
  5. confirmed and auditable individual engagement

HealthMine solutions are quickly implemented with minimal disruption to client’s business, providing flexibility and customization to deliver powerful and meaningful results.


Is to continuously guide individual health action based on critical data and individualized context, empowering self-care, financially conscious decisions, and better clinical success.


Our company vision is to be the most trusted and necessary health action service that empowers individuals to take the right actions to improve their health.


  • We are the only HAaaS solution originally built inside a Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) health plan
  • We target, understand, and empower self-management and health action through personalized engagement and automation
  • We’re operationalizing health plans to be more effective, efficient and member-focused