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  • News Summary 7.14.18

    New York Times: Irregular and unpredictable drug prices -- A new study analyzed the disparities in drug prices city-to-city across the nation. While some price hikes were unsurprising, like in New York and San Francisco, others were more unpredictable, even finding vastly different drug prices from pharmacies on the same block.

    hm_admin 2018-07-15
  • The Number: 54%

    Fifty-four (54) percent of beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage believe their health plan is working with them to limit out-of-pocket spending, according to a new JD Power consumer survey. This survey was the focus of a recent HealthPayerIntelligence article on customer satisfaction with Medicare Advantage plans.

    Rob Wyse 2018-07-09
  • News Summary 7.07.18

    CMS.Gov: CMS taking action to modernize Medicare home health -- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced plans to “strengthen and modernize Medicare” by focusing “on individual patient needs rather than volume of care.” The changes will include more remote patient options as well as better data sharing facilitation.

    hm_admin 2018-07-07
  • The Number: 23 Million

    Beyond the estimated 30 million people who have diabetes is another 23 million estimated to have prediabetes – defined as elevated blood sugar levels putting them at heightened risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    Rob Wyse 2018-06-30
  • News Summary 6.29.18

    HealthPayerIntelligence: Low customer satisfaction for Medicare Advantage -- Uncoordinated communication and little help managing expenses led to low customer satisfaction for Medicare Advantage. With the 7.5 percent growth in the Medicare Advantage market since last year, plans likely aren’t equipped to meet member growth, demands and expectations.

    hm_admin 2018-06-29
  • Data Tsunami

    Medicare Advantage Plans at Start of Data Tsunami

    CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced in April that the agency has released Medicare Advantage encounter data to researchers. (Encounter data are records of the health care services for which managed care organizations pay.)  It was reported that she said at the 2018 Datpalooza conference, “We recognize that the MA data is not perfect, but we have determined that the quality of the available MA data is adequate enough to support research.”

    Rob Wyse 2018-06-06
  • 1/100th of a Star Rating Point Could Mean Survival

    Some Medicare Advantage plans scored a 3.74 and were rounded to the “nearest half Star” based on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules, so the plan was rated a 3.5.  Conversely, other plans were scored 3.75 and were rounded to the nearest half Star of 4.0. 

    Brennan Collins 2018-05-23
  • Medicare Advantage

    CMS Expands Medicare Diabetes Program

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has expanded its Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) to now enroll traditional healthcare providers and community-based organizations as Medicare suppliers of health behavior change services.

    Brennan Collins 2018-05-09
  • Uber & Lyft Next in Medicare Plan Choice

    CMS announced that it “finalized polices for Medicare health and drug plans for 2019 that will save Medicare beneficiaries money on prescription drugs while offering additional plan choices.” 

    Rob Wyse 2018-05-07
  • Health Plans: Are You Collecting Data or Insight?

    A new Premier survey with 63 healthcare executives found that healthcare systems are now shifting their focus from recording data in EHRs to integrating and combining this data to aid in decision making. This is a welcome development for providers and a nudge for health plans to move themselves in the direction of a single, integrated technology platform.

    Rob Wyse 2017-04-18