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Our History

In 1992 a team of physicians and clinical statisticians in Metro New York recognized that nearly half of Americans were living with one or more undiagnosed health conditions. These conditions were dangerous—responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths—and costly—accounting for 3 of every 4 dollars spent on healthcare. But, many of these conditions and their devastating toll can be prevented. So this team set out to build a first-of-its-kind technology system that would combine comprehensive and rigorous clinical data analysis with personalized preventive care to help health plan sponsors and their members detect chronic disease earlier, and manage it better. The ultimate goal was to help drive down healthcare costs while improving health outcomes. This proprietary technology is owned by and exclusive to HealthMine, today known as the HealthMine Health Intelligence Solution.


Representative Clients


Health Intelligence

With the technology as our backbone, over the past 23 years we’ve acquired innovative healthcare businesses and have developed transformative healthcare products and solutions, including founding a health insurance company that offered pioneering, value-based health plans. Ultimately we evolved into HealthMine, a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to empower everyone to own their health. Through years of investment in and development of technology systems and software, we have built the wellness industry’s first and only Health Intelligence Solution. Our customers are plan sponsors and their members, and our self-learning Health Intelligence technology automatically collects clinical data, identifies risk for chronic disease, and provides personalized health goals, actions and incentives.


Plan Sponsors: Lower Costs + Better Outcomes

For health plan sponsors, HealthMine helps drive down healthcare cost while improving health outcomes. It does so by providing an expert system that is fully integrated into your benefit design, detects and predicts population risks, and engages members in sustainable health management. Unlike other wellness systems, HealthMine’s intelligence is driven by a dynamic, expert system with 44,000 clinical codes. Managed by medical experts, HealthMine analyzes health data across 13 disease states and then personalizes healthcare programs. The Health Intelligence Solution automatically integrates with:

  • More than 210 APIs and connections to medical claims
  • All major PBMs for pharmacy claims
  • All major biometric screening vendors
  • Most major labs including LabCorp. and Quest
  • All major HRAs
  • A broad range of biofit and activity tracking devices including the Apple Watch and Fitbit

Consumers: Lower Costs + Better Outcomes

For members, HealthMine makes it easy to manage their own health. It does so by automatically collecting all of their clinical health data and continually answering 3 key questions: 1) what is my health status; 2) what do I need to do maintain or improve my health and 3) what’s in it for me? Each member is always connected to his or her personalized health portal, available on any device. Each member has the tools and guidance to lower their healthcare costs in the new age of high deductible plans and healthcare consumerism, and most importantly, to improve their health outcomes.

Today, HealthMine has more than one million users, and has saved employers and payers more than $100 million in healthcare costs. The company is based in Dallas, Texas with offices in San Mateo, CA; New York, NY; Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN.


The Team

We are healthcare renegades with a common vision of shaking up the system, improving health and creating real returns. Our team has extensive health and technology experience and is driven to make change happen, quickly.


Bryce Williams

President & CEO

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Thomas Smith

EVP, Corporate Development & General Counsel

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Christopher Chang

Chief Technology Officer

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Sandeep Oberoi

VP, Delivery

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Terri Brncic

VP, Finance

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Rodger Kormylo

VP, Business Development & Sales

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Brennan Collins

VP, Product

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Helen Cheng

VP, Research & Development

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Rob Wyse

Chief Marketing Officer

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HealthMine Advisory Board

The Honorable Dick Gephardt, Board Chair
Dr. Donald R. Fischer, MD
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Dr. Mark B. McClellan
Dave Osterndorf
Admiral William (Bill) A. Owens
Governor Bill Owens
Dr. Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA, MS

Careers at HealthMine

HealthMine is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to empower everyone to own their health.

About: HealthMine has created an unparalleled Health Intelligence Solution that makes it easy for members to manage their health because they know: 1) where they stand, 2) what they need to do, and 3) what's in it for them. HealthMine serves more than one million members of employers and payers. HealthMine has saved its Blue-Chip clients more than $100 million in healthcare costs.

Proven Management Team: Our core management team built and sold the largest private Medicare Exchange. HealthMine is an exciting opportunity to be part of a company building a powerful platform in healthcare technology. We offer an inclusive, collaborative and energetic work environment that rewards those who perform.

We’re headquartered in Dallas, TX with offices in San Mateo, CA and Eatontown, NJ. We’re aggressively growing.

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